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The Pre-Sales process enables users to manage enquiries and quotations effectively. It also closely monitors the activities of sales staff in order to maximize the possibility of concluding a sale.

Standard Functions

  • Enquiry, Quotation

Auto Enquiry Registration

  • Enquiry number is auto-obtained when adding new enquiry
  • Status of enquiries are auto-updated for sales staffs to take action

Quotation Auto-generation

  • Quotation can be auto-generated from Enquiry

S.O. Auto-generation

  • Sales Order can be auto-generated from Quotation with all necessary information transferred

Sales Activities Monitoring

  • Sales activities such as visit, phone call and meeting can be monitored
  • Sales activities, success rate and Expected Order Date can be inputed and updated by sales staff for each quotation

Reports Printing

  • Enquiry Listing – filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Status
    • Sales Staff
    • Group
    • Date Range
  • Quotation Listing – filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Status
    • Sales Staff
    • Customer
    • Group
    • Date Range
    • Success Rate


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