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EMOI - Simple and Effective







For business review and analysis, the users are able to obtain 'real-time' business status and company situation easily, quickly and conveniently.


  • Monthly budget is needed to be provided from each Profit Center in order to measure their individual performance

Budget vs Actual

  • Real time P/L status, variation between budget and actual can be viewed anytime.
  • Chart is provided for easy measurement. Status of individual profit center and consolidated group can be analyzed
  • Profit Center Head only can access his/her center's information
Sales Analysis
  • Provide sales analysis of each product item by reporting and chart showing quoted and sold quantity, ordering by quantity so as to identify hot and 'cold' product items
  • Information can be filtered by profit center – allow users to analysis product quoted and sold situation in different regions
  • Provide chart for showing monthly quantity movement of each product item

Necessary Business Status Reports grouped in a Single Menu

  • For periodical business review and meeting, the users, only go through the menu at any time, are able to get the whole picture of the business status conveniently and efficiently.
  • The Menu :
    • P/L, Actual vs Budget – year to date and monthly movement for each profit center or business unit
    • Balance Sheet & Income Statement
    • Order status and expected completion date
    • Quotation status, successful rate and expected order date
    • A/R, A/P Status
    • Cash In / Out Status
    • Inventory Status


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