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Cashflow Forecasting,Cashflow Forecasting,Cashflow Forecasting,


This process enables the user to have a 'good enough' idea of cash flow situation in the coming 12 months. It is designed in a simply, logical and practically way. The function is important to the company with the business nature running jobs and projects.

Calculation based on

  • Invoice
  • Vendor Invoice
  • Purchase Order – Items' ETA
  • Sub-Contract - Expected Completion Date
  • Sales Order – Items' ETD
  • Monthly general expense
  • Others
  • Adjustment : Tolerance day (+/- due day) of customer and vendor

Output in Monthly Movement Format

  • Opening / Closing Balance
  • Cash In : A/R, Sales Order, Others
  • Cash out : A/P, Purchase Order, Monthly General Expense, Others

cashflow, cash flow

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