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The process enables users to audit the book/bank balance in an convenient and efficient way.

Effective bank reconciliation process

  • Deposit record, MoneyIn record, MoneyOut record and book/bank balance history on the same screen for easy review
  • Every checked money flow transaction can be marked with a check box and cleared with a one-trick button
  • Full audit trail of money flow history of bank

Instant balance update

  • Cleared balance, uncleared balance of relevant bank account is auto-updated after each checking process

Simple bank transaction adjustment

  • Bank transaction input are classified into three types:
    • Income
    • Expense
    • Transfer
  • Bank and relevant account, transaction date are selected by pull-down list
  • Vouchers are auto-generated
  • Financial status and relevant reports are auto-updated

Auto multi-currency conversion

  • Foreign currency is auto-converted into the currency of relevant bank account during transaction
  • Current exchange rate of relevant currency is provided


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