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EMOI places tremendous effort in improving the quality of our products and services. Our support teams are highly experienced and are armed with commercial and I.T. knowledge and skills. EMOI provides system consultation, training, and maintenance for our products. Hot lines are available for enquiries on all EMOI products and our consultants will endeavour to respond to all customers' calls promptly and effectively.

EMOI project team work closely with the client during the implementation period to ensure :
– Effective set up and coding
– Sufficient training for users to use EMOI efficiently
– Accurate Data updating and processing
– Customized modifications to suit individual business needs
– Immediate support

For long term relationship with end-user, EMOI places a role as supporting partner to customers not only for the existing system but also for their future business development.

EMOI is providing service to study and recommend what's the workflow is best fit to individual customer for both the roles of managerial and operational level. According to the study, EMOI is capable to design the build a system to match customers' need in a short period of time.



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