EMOI - Enterprise Management and Operation Intelligence

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This process enables users to perform stock in/out efficiently and accurately, and to ensure inventory is maintained at proper levels.

Standard Functions

  • Stock In, Stock Out, StockIn/Out Confirmation, Stock Transfer

Auto-Generated Stock In/Out Notes

  • Stock In / Out Notes are auto-generated in:
    • Delivery Process of Sales Orders Process
    • Goods Receipt Process of Purchasing Process
    • Stock Transfer Process
    • Stock Adjustment

Effective Stock In/Out Confirmation

  • Non-Confirmed list of Stock In/Out Notes shown on the screen for easy review
  • Confirmation is mainly done by one-trick button

Auto Stock In/Out update

  • Current Stock In/Out records are auto-updated when stock transaction is done

Stock Transfer

  • Stock can be transferred within or across any warehouses
  • Stock transfer can be done by just entering the transfer quantity
  • Voucher is auto-generated if the accounts are different
  • Stock In / Out Notes are auto-generated
  • Inventory/bin Records are auto-updated


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