Job Order Process - Engineering Business

Major Functions :

  1. Job Order initiation and registration
  2. Bugeting and Cost Sheet
  3. V.O. registration
  4. Budgeted Cost Control / Monitoring
  5. Cash Control / Monitoring

Control / Monitoring

Actual figures directly are updated from related process. Status of In/Out Amount and % comparison is real time concluded ...

  1. Budgeted vs Purchased/Sub-Contracted
  2. Claimed (Payment Applied) : Client vs Supplier/Sub-Contractor
  3. Accepted (Certified) : Client vs Supplier/Sub-Contractor
  4. Settled (Cash In/Out) : Client vs Supplier/Sub-Contractor


Job Order Registration

  • Job Order number is obtained automatically when adding new Job Order.
  • Status is attached to each Job Order and is updated automatically for easily monitoring and controlling.

Costing and Budgeting


  • Cost Sheet function attaches to individual Job Order
  • Cost Sheet can be easily imported from relevant Quotation/Tender.
  • Cost Sheet will be Locked after Approved.
  • Cost Sheet can be only adjusted by the users with sufficient power.
  • Real time costing status, variation between total value of budget and actual can be viewed anytime

Payment Application Control

  • Payment Application function attached to individual Job Order
  • List of Payment Application History
  • List of outstanding Accepted (Certified) Payment Application
  • List of outstanding Invoice
  • List of oustanding Settlement

Comparison Report


  • Budgeted vs Purchased/Sub-Contracted
  • Claimed : Client vs Supplier/Sub-Contractor
  • Accepted (Certified) : Client vs Supplier/Sub-Contractor
  • Settled : Client vs Supplier/Sub-Contractor