Accounting Process - Engineering Business

Accounting can be processed effectively by methods :

  1. Financial reports (Trail Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet) updated once vouchers have created.
  2. Vouchers are generated automatically by the other processes such as billing, settlement etc..
  3. Add, edit, check and confirm vouchers efficiently and precisely.

Auto voucher generation

  • Voucher are generated automatically for every single data entry of the following process:
    • Job Order Process – Account Receivable (AR), Sales/Turnover
    • Purchase Process – Account Payable (AP), Inventory
    • MoneyIn Process – Sales Invoice (AR) Settlement, Other Income Receipt etc.
    • MoneyOut Process – Vendor Invoice (AP) & Bills Settlement, Bank Transfer etc.
    • Exchange Rate Update – Auto calcuation of exchange gain/loss
    • Stock Out Process – Inventory, Cost of Goods
    • Bill Process – Expenses, Settlement

Auto Financial Report Update

  • The reports updated once vouchers have been created:
    • Journal
    • General Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
  • Draft version including not confirmed vouches are provided.

Effective Voucher Item Generator

  • Auto voucher registration for adding.
  • No accounting code entry is required. Six sectors accounting code enables user filters out the target code list quickly.
  • Directly input data in list, then click “Auto-balance” and “Transfer” buttons, a new voucher is generated.

Effective Vouchers Confirmation Process

  • Voucher list and transaction items are shown on the same screen for easy checking
  • Checking and confirming processes are done by one-trick button
  • Batch confirmation of vouchers are provided
  • Current relevant reports are auto-updated