Task Control - Engineering Business

Task Control : The Task Control module is designed for purpose of controlling deadline of assigned tasks, suck as tendering, submission, site visit, certificate renew, etc.. It is also a good tools to remind all members involved to ensure actions taken. With daily Task Alert Report by email, the members have updated alert status of each task.

Major Functions :

  1. Member Master
  2. Task Type Master
  3. Task Assignment
  4. Daily Task Alert Report by email

Member Master

  • Add, Edit, Save, Delete functions
  • Pick and select function for member selection

Task Type Master


  • Each Task Type can be assigned different group of member.
  • Each Task Type can be setup different 'Alert Days before Deadline' for Task Alert Report

Task Assignment

  • Add, Edit, Save, Delete functions
  • Selection of Task Type
  • Group of member for email automatically imported
  • 'Alert Days before Deadline' automatically imported

Task Alert Report

  • Report will be daily and automatically sent to the members who involve tasks
  • Each member's report only listed the tasks the member who involves
  • Listed Items based on the Deadline of task and 'Alert Days before Deadline' calculation