Engineering Business

Solution for Engineering Firm :
The system is designed and built based on practical workflow of operation and management of Engineering Firm. It covers major business processes.
With the Integrated solution, the users easily operate, control, analyse and manage the related processes.

System Features :

1. Document Status / Progress Control

2. Balance of Flexibility and Security

3. Reliable and Scalable / Remote Connection

4. Multiple Currencies

5. Reporting

6. Security Control

7. Document generation / update

8. Excel Import for Master File


Document Status / Progress Control

  • 'Status' and ID are assigned to the document. The 'status' is automatically updated during the process.

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Balance of Flexibility and Security

  • Undo function is provided, it is easy to carry out by one click (the user must have sufficient power and password).
  • Two Levels of Time Lock for securing data – Permanent Time Lock, the data updated action will be rejected according to the setting of the 'Permanent Lock Date' which only can be revised forwardly. Temporary Time Lock, the data updated action will be rejected according to the setting of the 'Temporary Lock Date' which can be revised backwardly or forwardly but later than the 'Permanent Lock Date'.

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Reliable and Scalable / Remote Connection

  • Adopting Microsoft SQL Server - reliable with high capacity and Integrating with VB.NET as development tools.
  • Remote Connection simply through Internet

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Multiple Currencies

  • User-defined local currency and foreign currencies
  • Exchange rate update records
  • Auto-calculated exchange difference and voucher auto-created accordingly

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  • Comprehensive selection criteria, filter,etc.
  • Multi-dimension reporting
  • Easily to be exported to .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc. format

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Security Control

  • Multi roles and power levels set up
  • Individual menu for different role of organization
  • Data Filtered by roles

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Document Generation / Update

  • During the processes, document will be generated Automatically :
    • Voucher
    • Sales Invoice
    • Vendor Invoice
    • Delivery Note
    • Stock In Note
    • Stock Out Note
  • Reports will be real time updated :
    • Journal
    • General Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • AR and AP status
    • Inventory status
    • Cash In/Out status

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Excel Import

  • Excel format can be directly imported to master files and processing items such as Customer Master, Vendor Master, Product Master, Cost Code Master, Purchasing items, Cost Sheet Items etc..

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We Provide System to FIT Your Needs

Further ready-made system, we provide service to study, enhance even build a new system to fit individual customer needs for both the roles of managerial and operational level. With our on-going services, even the customers change their operation for adapting the changing business environment, the customers are able to enjoy the perfectly fit system along the time.


Effectiveness by Fully Integrated System

With fully integration of the processes, the users need not repeat entry for related documents. Necessary data are automatically generated along the processes. The users are able to complete the tasks with less effort.