Customer Management

The system is designed and built aiming at Service Company for managing activities to customer and activities provided by members. It is a good tool to review and control the tasks involved marketing, promotion, pre-sale and after sale. With integration of operational functions (Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, Settlement), all related status and tasks can be easily and conveniently to be accessed in a single screen for individual customer.

Function :

  1. Action and Task Management
  2. Quote Status Management
  3. Sales Status Management
  4. Invoice Status Management
  5. Settlement Status Management

Task Control :

  1. Tasks Status for Customer
  2. Tasks Status for Quote / Sales Order
  3. Tasks Status handled by assigned members
  4. Tasks for Marketing/Promotion/Sales
  5. Tasks for Job/Sales Order fulfillment
  6. Tasks Planning/Scheduling (for promotion, contract renew, service order, document submission etc..)
  7. Tasks Alert
  8. Tasks Target vs Actual Completion
  9. Tasks Scheduled List
  10. Tasks Processing List
  11. Tasks Completion List