Billing Process - Warehouse Business

Major Functions :

  1. Monthly Billing for Storage Fee
  2. Outstanding Billing List
  3. Bill Amount automatically calculated by CMB as at Bill Date for individual Lot
  4. Service Job List
  5. Bill Items generated by selection

Outstanding Billing List (OBL)

  • Monthly function to generate OBL for Storage Fee
  • Last Billed Date attached to OBL
  • Storage CBM as at Bill Date attached to OBL
  • Bill Amount calculated and attached to OBL
  • Sorted by Customer and Bill Date

Billing Function

  • Billing Items Selected from OBL
  • Billing Items Selected from Service Job List
  • Description of Billing Itmes Generated Automatically
  • Billing status real time updates OBL
  • Billing status real time updates Serice Job List
  • Invioice Print Out

Status Auto-update

  • Invoice & settled amount would be automatically updated through ordinary invoicing & settlement process.

Report Printing

  • Invoice Report – filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Status
    • Customer
    • Date Range
  • Fields : Status, Customer, Description, Invoiced Amount, Settled Amount, etc.