Stock Transaction Process - Warehouse Business

Inventory Data directly updated from different process. Situation of Goods items can be seen easily...

  1. Where is the Goods (Warehouse and Location)
  2. How long the Goods in stock
  3. What are the storage volumes of Goods (for individual customer)
  4. Stock Transaction History

EMOi Stock Transaction Process also enables users to perform Stock In/Out processes efficiently and accurately.

Standard Functions

  • Stock In, Stock Out, Stock In/Out Confirmation, Stock Transfer

Auto-Generated Stock In/Out Notes

  • Stock In / Out Notes are auto-generated in:
    • Delivery Process
    • Goods Receipt Process
    • Stock Transfer Process
    • Stock Adjustment

Effective Stock In/Out Confirmation

  • Non-Confirmed list of Stock In/Out Notes shown on the screen for easy review
  • Confirmation is mainly done by one-trick button

Auto Stock In/Out update

  • Current Stock In/Out records are auto-updated when stock transaction is done

Stock Transfer

  • Stock can be transferred within or across any warehouses
  • Stock transfer can be done by just entering the transfer quantity
  • Stock In / Out Notes are auto-generated
  • Inventory/bin Records are auto-updated