Purchase and Subcontract - Project Cost Control

Control / Monitoring

  1. P.O. / Sub-Contract amount is controlled by Cost Code and Budgeted Amount in Cost Sheet under each Job Order.
  2. P.O. / Sub-Contract process is denied if the total order amount exceeds budgeted amount.
  3. Actual Amount in Cost Sheet will be updated as P.O. / Sub-contract has been confirmed.
  4. Vendor Billing Amount is controlled by P.O. / Sub-Contract Amount.
  5. Vendor Billing Process will be denied if the total bill amount exceeds P.O. / Sub-Contract amount.

Purchase Order / Sub-Contract Registration

  • P.O. / Sub-Contract number is obtained automatically when adding new Purchasing Order / Sub-Contract.
  • Status is attached to each record and updated automatically for easy monitoring and controlling.

Progress Monitoring

  • Progress of Purchase Order or Sub-Contract can be monitored by list and reports with filter of different status
  • Percentage of billed & paid amounts are attached in each Order which are updated automatically by vendor-billing & payment process

Price Default

  • Last purchased price can be used as default price for PO entry

Vendor Billing Control

  • Vender Billing function attached to individual P.O. / Sub-Contract.
  • List of billing history
  • List of unpaid Bill
  • List of paid history

Report Printing

  • Bills Report – filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Status
    • Vendor
    • Date Range
  • Purchase / Sub-Contract Order Report – filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Status
    • Vendor
    • Purpose of Purchasing
    • Date Range