MoenyOut Process - Accounting System

The process enables users to work fast and accurately along with the designed work flow and to complete the tasks : vendor bills approval, registration, settlement easily and efficiently.

Auto MoneyOut Registration

  • Receipt no. is auto-obtained when adding new money receipt

Bill Payment Control

  • Payable amount for each bill need to be applied before any bill settlement
  • Each bill payable amount application are required to go through different status
    • Wait
    • Apply
    • Approved

Effective Bills Settlement

  • Each bill settlement status and applied records of vendor are shown on the same screen
  • Settlement transaction is mainly done by pull-down list and one-trick button
  • Multiple or split settlement supported
  • Relevant transaction amount will be auto-updated when there is a exchange difference between date of account payable entry and actual money payment
  • Vouchers are auto-generated
  • Financial status and relevant reports are auto-updated

Instant Vendor Balance Update

  • Vendor balance will be automatically updated after each bill settlement transaction

Report Printing

  • Bill report - filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Status
    • Due Date Range
    • Vendor
  • MoneyOut report - filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Only Not Fully Applied Status
    • Only Deposit Status
    • Date Range of payment issued date or payment effective date
    • Bank
    • Vendor