Material Planning

A simple and direct way is applied to the process for planning material resources. From retrieving and analyzing the material available status to placing order, the user is able to complete the tasks with less effort.

Standard Functions

  • Bill of Material, Material List, Conversion from Product List to Material List, Import of Available Material Status, Generation of Purchase Order

Product List to Material List

  • Based on Bill of Material, Product List is able to be automatically calculated and converted to Material List.

Available Material Status

  • The Qty (On Hand + On Order [fm P.O.] + Substitute Qty - Engaged [fm S.O.] - Reserved Qty) can be automatically retrieved and calculated then imported to the 'Available Qty' column of Material List.
  • The column of 'Balance Qty' (Available Qty - Requested Qty) is automatically calculated. The shortage of items (Balance Qty < 0) and Qty can be identified.
  • Latest ETA (from P.O.) for 'On Order' item can be retrieved and import to 'Latest ETA' column of Material List. This enables the user easily to ensure the goods arrival on time.

Vendor and Cost of Material

  • The 'Vendor', 'Currency' and 'Unit Cost' columns can be automatically retrieved from the Last Purchase Order. The 'Unit Value' (Unit Cost x Exchange Rate) and Total Cost of Material List are calculated during the retrieving process.

Generation of Purchase Order

  • Based on the columns of 'Vendor', 'Currency', 'Unit Cost' and 'Balance Qty', Purchase Order can be automatically generated.